GEA have installed thousands of domestic roof top grid connect solar systems.

GEA has installed 57 Solar Grid connect systems between 20 and 30KW under the National Solar Schools Program over a 3 year period.

GEA have recently installed several large scale 50-100KW on various locations around Victoria including Caroline Chisholm 100KW, Plenty Valley Christian School 60KW, Castlemaine Civic Centre 50KW and the new Coles Supermarket in Coburg 100KW, Kilmore Toyota 100KW and Highpoint Shopping Centre 100KW.

Solar Grid Connection

Our Solar Grid connect systems produce 100 % clean electricity from the panels installed on your roof that feed back into your house, any excess power that your house does not use will feed back into the grid, where you will receive payment up to 60 c per KW Hour depending on who your retailers is.

By installing Solar on your home or office you will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and save on your rising energy bills.

  • 1. All work is installed by Green Energy Australia to all relevant safety and installation standard
  • 2. Includes an independent electrical inspection
  • 3. This quotation is subject to a site visit
  • 4. Is based on a single story house
  • 5. Includes GST

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