Green Energy Australia covers all aspects of Electrical Works for new and existing homes.

GEA from day 1 has been Clancy Constructions Electricians of choice. Clancy Constructions are one of Melbourne’s leading Architecturally Design Builders of high end homes.

Works performed include home automation, light and power, landscape lighting.

GEA also have other Boutique builders on their portfolio.

Home Sustainability Assessments

Due to the increasing climate change householders are being urged to be more vigilant and caring towards the earth in respect with the environment and being told how to save water and energy and to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Free Home Assessment

This is a FREE s government assessment to all home owners. In this free home assessment we are able to give you a break down on how energy and water efficient your home is. You will be able to find out ways of reducing your energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions. These assessments are valued at $220.

What you will receive

FREE home energy assessment. This takes an approximate time of 1.5 hours. A tailored report listing how much energy, water, electricity you could be saving will also be given to you. All that is required from you is your time.

What is Involved

A physical inspection where the assessor arrives at your house and then proceeds to calculate how much water is being used, where heat/cooling can be more efficient, entertainment, cooking and lighting can be reduced to serve you better with a more friendly environmental home.